What is TruxMap?

TruxMap is a live map of all the roaming food trucks in the city. Once a food truck has scheduled a stop through its Twitter account or one of our interfaces, a marker of theirs will automatically be generated on TruxMap.

How does it work?

Our data is automatically generated from a variety of different sources including Twitter and then compiled in various easy-to-read interfaces.

Are the food trucks guaranteed to be where you have them plotted?

No. Whatever is said in the Twitter feed is the final word. That's why we suggest you click the "Show Recent Tweets" link in order to reveal the latest information about the food truck. The app has been throroughly tested, however, it is not flawless. For this reason, we ask that you use common sense before driving to Nova Scotia to track down a Los Angeles food truck.

Why does the location on the map not match what I see in the tweet?

When the geocoding service can't find a particular address, it will place the marker next to City Hall. For Los angeles, this is Downtown on 1st and Main. If you see that a food truck is parked near City Hall, be a little skeptical.

Note: TruxMap is designed to be viewed with Google Chrome. It'll work fine with other browsers as well.

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Here's some of the press that TruxMap has received in the few months that we've been online.

If you'd like to make a press inquiry, you can contact us at info@truxmap.com.

TruxMap Blog

This Saturday, September 10, @AtomicEats will be holding a Summer event with food trucks, artists, and other vendors. A fully-stocked bar will be available to those over 21. Find it at 6400 Pacific Coast Hwy Long Beach, CA 90803, from 11am to 7pm.

Buena Park High School, located on Magnolia and Academy Dr, adjacent to the 5, will be having a food truck festival on July 30th in support of its football team. At least 24 trucks are scheduled to attend. A percent of the proceeds will be donated to the school.

TruxMap now has a free iPad app! Our interface has been redesigned to provide iOS users instant access to their home city, and easy navigation of all 21 cities that TruxMap supports. You can download TruxMap from the app store right now!

A new, weekly food truck stop will be opening on Tuesday May 24th in Fullerton. The introductory lineup combines many of Orange Counties most popular food trucks including Baconmania, Crepes Bonaparte, Dos Chinos, Spud Runners, The OC Food Truck, and Oh For Sweets Sake. The event begins at 5PM at 2949 Brea Blvd, and is set to run until 9PM.

A Dos Equis sponsored food truck is rolling around NYC today offering free oddities to the residents of the city. Some of the dishes being served from the truck include cricket tacos and veal brain tacos. The menu has been put together by celebrity chef Domingo Gaza.

A local magazine asked a food truck operating sushi chef for the most unusual question he'd ever been asked by a customer. Without hesitation, he responded "Someone asked if we serve sushi tacos." If you think that wrapping raw fish in a tortilla is nothing more than a gimmick to make some quick sales, you're not alone. If you still hold this opinion after tasting Jogasaki Burrito, then you might be on your own.

Keep in mind that a sushi burrito doesn't necessarily have to be wrapped in a flour tortilla. Jogasaki offers a soy paper wrapper for an additional fifty cents. The Jogasaki Burrito #2 ( pictured below ) comes with soy paper by default. For $7 you'll get a burrito stuffed with sushi rice, crab mean, spicy tuna, avocado, cucumber and shrimp tempura. The operative word here is "stuffed." That's one of the best things about Jogasaki Burrito: most of their creations aren't dainty snacks, but hearty meals. If a snack is all you're looking for, though, Jogasaki has got you covered too. Spicy tuna nachos! (Dorito's topped with spicy tuna and avocado.)

Ever since I had my first taste last week, I've been checking TruxMap daily to see if Jogasaki Burrito is going to be close enough for lunch.

I've often wondered if Japanese school children can construct a sushi roll with the same ease that American children can make a sandwich. Chances are the answer is "no." If painstaking hours of practice are what's standing in their way, my suggestion to the children of Japan is that they embrace the burrito.

If you'd like to see more photos, track Jogasaki's whereabouts, or requestion that they come to an area near you, page on TruxMap