Crepes de Pouce Gras

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600 New Jersey Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001, USA
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1850 I St NW, Washington, DC 20006, USA
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Franklin Square, Franklins Square, 950 13th Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20005, USA
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1111 19th Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20036, USA


What is TruxMap?

TruxMap is a live map of all the roaming food trucks in the city. Once a food truck has scheduled a stop through its Twitter account or one of our interfaces, a marker of theirs will automatically be generated on TruxMap.

How does it work?

We get our data a few different ways. The Twitter feed of every truck we track is being constantly monitored, and whenever they schedule a current or upcoming stop via a tweet, we will map it in real-time. Truck operators also schedule stops on TruxMap through our iPhone app using GPS. Lastly, some choose to use the web interface to add themselves to the map.

Are the trucks guaranteed to be where you have them plotted?

No. Whatever is said in the Twitter feed is the final word. That's why we suggest you click the "Show Recent Tweets" link in order to reveal the latest information about the truck. The app has been throroughly tested, however, it is not flawless. For this reason, we ask that you use common sense before driving to Nova Scotia to track down a Los Angeles food truck.

Why does the location on the map not match what I see in the tweet?

When the geocoding service can't find a particular address, it will place the marker next to City Hall. For Los angeles, this is Downtown on 1st and Main. If you see that a truck is parked near City Hall, be a little skeptical.

Note: TruxMap is designed to be viewed with Google Chrome. It'll work fine with other browsers as well.

How to contact us

If you'd like to stay updated about what's on the map without visiting the site, you can follow our twitter accounts for your city to receive up-to-the-minute tweets:

Los Angeles and Orange County, New York , San Francisco, Portland, and Washington D.C.

For news about TruxMap, you can follow the general TruxMap Twitter.

All press queries and general feedback can be sent to

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